Axial fan airfoil high efficiency

W series axial fans

Fan design features:

  • 9 fan blades of different designs and sizes with adjustable pitch setting.
  • Unique pitch setting system ranging from 20 º to 50 º, allowing the axial fan range to be fully adjustable in 1º increments.
  • Most fan blades are available for both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.
  • 7 available hub sizes - 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 & 13 blades all symmetrically arranged, each available in a range of bore/fixing configurations.
  • Special heavy-duty die cast aluminium hub (HP) for high temperature and high stress applications.
  • Replacement fan blades available.

The W Series represents the large diameter fans in the Multi-Wing product line and is very comprehensive, covering diameters from 560mm up to 2141mm. W axial fans may be used on a wide range of applications and are available in 2 to 13-blade configurations in pitch angles of 15º, 17º and from 20º to 50º in 1º increments. Consequently, it is possible to select the right axial fan for almost any air moving application. Multi-Wing’s W series offers light but broad blades designed for coil applications with low speed motors and moderate power consumptions. The series is also well suited for high performance air moving units such as mobile radiators and wood dryers.

Fan materials:

The W Series blade root is distinguished by a notch built to receive one of two available pitch inserts in the cylindrical base. The hub parts are as standard manufactured in a pressure die cast silumin alloy (EN AC-Al Si12Cu1(Fe)).

The fan blades are available in the following 5 materials to suit applications with different speeds and ambient temperatures: PPG, PAG, PAGASPAGST and AL.

Download brochure - W series - Large diameter axial fans

W Series Fans are available with the following blade profiles:

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